The neatest, prettiest and safest of patio roses

This compact trailing rose for patio containers is unique in being totally thorn free

Trailing and groundcover roses are often recommended for patio pots. However, they have the huge drawback of thorns, which can easily to hurt toddlers as they run around and scratch the rest of us as we pass by. Cutie Pie ‘ROP007’ has no thorns.

Rosa Cutie Pie ‘ROP007’This unique patio rose develops a trailing habit and matures in just a few years to 30cm high and 90cm across. The stems are completely without thorns, and the leaves are the familiar rose shape, with five leaflets, but just 4cm long and 2cm wide.

The flowers are pink with a white centre, with up to thirty blooms in each cluster. Individual flowers remain open for four or five days and open in sequence, so that each cluster lasts about three weeks. With new clusters following the early openers, blooming continues all summer. The flowers are fragrant, but not strongly scented.

Cutie Pie has one final valuable feature – it produces no hips so dead-heading is entirely unnecessary and its naturally compact growth means that there’s also no need to prune.

Rose Cutie Pie ‘ROP007’ was developed by Japanese plant breeder Tomoki Yokota, who began work way back in 1984 with the aim of developing a new rose for patios with a dwarf habit, prolific flowering and thornless stems.

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