Geum 'Cosmopolitan': the most popular new entry in the 2014 Plant Finder

Of all hundreds of new entries in the 2014 edition of the RHS Plant Finder two stand out, fine examples of the concept of developing new versions of old favourites: Geum 'Cosmopolitan' and Geum 'Banana Daiquiri'.

There are actually nine different plants in the Cocktail Series of geums and the point is that not only are they prolific and hardy - just like the old favourite ‘Mrs Bradshaw’ - but they come in colours that we’ve not seen before in these tough and dependable perennials. The two that are offered by the most nurseries in the new Plant Finder are ‘Cosmopolitan’ and 'Banana Daiquiri'.
The Cocktail Series of geums has been developed by Brent Horvath of Intrinsic Perennials in Illinois. Over the years Intrinsic Perennials have created many new fine perennial plants including the boldly variegated Sedum Autumn Charm (‘Lajos’) and the yellow leaved Lobelia ‘Golden Torch’ with contrasting red flowers.
This year’s newcomers are: Geum ‘Cosmopolitan’ (above), a semi-double cream which is edged and flushed with red and which is available from eight RHS Plant Finder nurseries and ‘Banana Daiquiri' (below), in clear lemon with a golden centre, available from six RHS Plant Finder nurseries. ‘Gimlet, is a semi-double primrose yellow with white tips to the petals is also new this year but listed by just three Plant Finder nurseries while ‘Limocello’, is a single yellow and the most prolific of all, but listed by just one RHS Plant Finder nursery.
‘Mai Tai’ (in vermillion fading to peachy pink) and ‘Tequila Sunrise’ (a lemony yellow semi-double with rosy tints) were the first to appear, followed last year by ‘Alabama Slammer’ (a semi-double orange with red edges to the petals). ‘Sangria’ is a semi-double red that we’ve not seen yet, and look out next for the vivid orange ‘Sea Breeze’.
All these Cocktail Series geums enjoy plenty of sunshine and fertile but well-drained soil.

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