Coprosma ‘Inferno’: New from Hillier

Coprosmas are best known as foliage evergreens from New Zealand; recently more and more attractive and colourful forms have been introduced. ‘Inferno’ is especially appealing with its bright foliage that changes with the seasons.

Coprosmas are especially good in small gardens as they never grow too large - and in containers the intriguing colours are much admired.

Coprosma 'Inferno' is new from Hillier OnlineIn summer the small, slightly curled, glossy leaves are rich deep orange, red, yellow and pink with a green central flash: then as winter approaches the whole plant turns shades of red. It’s lovely in spring with snowdrops or white crocuses around the edge. ‘Inferno’ usually needs no pruning and is generally trouble free, although container-grown plants in particular appreciate shelter from winter winds and cold.

Upright in growth and eventually reaching about 1.5m (5ft) high and about as wide, ‘Inferno’ is ideal in a sunny border in fertile but well-drained soil or in a patio pot. Unlike many evergreen shrubs ‘Inferno’ is good in seaside gardens as its leaves are tolerant of salty air.

Coprosma ‘Inferno’ was discovered in New Zealand in 2006 as a sport of the more spreading ‘Evening Glow’ which also has less colourful foliage. But both ‘Evening Glow’ and other coprosmas with good foliage including ‘Midnight Lime’, ‘Midnight Martini’ and ‘Pacific Night’ are all worth considering for year round foliage colour.

You can order plants of Coprosma ‘Inferno’ from the Wisley Plant Centre and Hillier Online.

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