June's Plant of the month

It's no easy task choosing a favourite bloom for June, but this flower carpet of white roses is a sure-fire winner

Rosa Flower Carpet White In a month renowned for the beauty of the rose it becomes an onerous task to choose just one. Fragrance, colour, habit and flower shape vary so much! They bloom around the garden as part of mixed plantings and en masse in their own dedicated space. Such versatility.

However, you can’t go wrong with white. White sets off everything around it, and seems to glow in the fading evening light. And when a rose flowers repeatedly it’s even better. A great cultivar for this is Rosa (Flower Carpet White) ‘Noahschnee’ AGM. As the name suggests, it’s a groundcover rose, reaching up to about 0.5-1m (2-3ft) high and spreading widely, leaving no room for pesky weeds!

With a subtle, light fragrance that wafts without being overwhelming, this low-level and well-behaved plant comes to prominence in June. In late May it is covered in buds, and as the days pass they start to open. They are at their prettiest at the opening stage, close up. Give them a few more days, though, and the previously green (and it’s a very healthy green) mound of rose bush slowly but surely becomes dotted with white, and ultimately becomes almost entirely white to the point you can barely see any green at all.

It really does become a (somewhat bumpy) carpet of saucer-shaped, semi-double white flowers with a yellow centre. And it has such lovely foliage because it’s robust and relatively disease-resistant in the rose world. In truth, though, this plant could didn’t have to be our plant of the month in June – it goes on and on, looking equally good in September. 

Nestled within the Bowes-Lyon Rose Garden where it’s a foil for surrounding herbaceous perennials, and enjoying the view from the top or the same garden where it is the sole occupier of two curved beds, this rose is a worthy holder of the RHS Award of Garden Merit, and a great garden plant.

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