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A small, beautiful shrub that lights up the spring garden with elegant sprays of pure white blossom

Spiraea 'Arguta'Spiraea 'Arguta' is a delightful shrub that produces graceful arching stems covered in a froth of small white flowers, giving it the common name of ‘bridal wreath’. The flowers are produced so densely that the leaves are barely visible and they appear just when flying insects are becoming more active, making this plant a good fuelling station for bees and early butterflies passing through your garden. 

Easy to grow, Spiraea ‘Arguta’ AGM will quickly become a favourite in a sunny or lightly shaded spot; it likes to get its roots into fertile, moist but well-drained soil and appreciates a mulch of garden compost or well-rotted manure. To make sure it continues to produce a mass of flowers each year, give it an annual prune immediately after flowering; cut the flowered shoots back to strong buds and to keep it tidy and compact, prune a proportion of the oldest stems down to the base.


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This fully hardy shrub grows to a height and spread of about 1.8-2.5m (6-8ft), making it a perfect specimen shrub for a small garden in a sunny border. It can be teamed with other shrubs that flower at the same time such as Ceanothus ‘Skylark’ AGM, Exochorda × macrantha ‘The Bride’ AGM, Osmanthus × burkwoodii AGM, Berberis, viburnums and rhododendrons. It can make an attractive understorey on the sunny side of spring-flowering trees such as Magnolia, Amelanchier and crab apples. Use as hedging, or plant on the south side of an evergreen hedge allowing the flowers to stand out against dark green foliage.

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At Rosemoor, in the lower shrub borders, it takes over from nearby Daphne bholua 'Jacqueline Postill' AGM and Sarcococca orientalis when they have finished flowering, continuing the interest. Here, the dainty bright yellow, nodding flowers of Epimedium perralderianum gather around its base and bright pink Rhododendron 'Lady Eleanor Cathcart' flowers deeper in the border.

S. ‘Arguta’ AGM is a fabulous shrub for the garden. Being white, it will look good with almost anything you already have and it can be relied upon to produce those wonderful sprays of flower each year, glowing in your spring borders.

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