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Easygoing, colourful and reliable, this is a mini daff with plenty of flower-power

Narcissus 'Jetfire'There are around 27,000 different cultivars of daffodil in this world and this eye catching dwarf Narcissus ‘Jetfire’ is one of the best.

At only 20-25cm (8-10 in) tall, this daffodil makes up its petite stature with its intense and blazing colour. Small but sturdy green stems support beautiful golden yellow reflexed petals together with a striking reddish orange trumpet. 

This lovely Cyclamineus cultivar is not just pleasing on the eye but also has a pleasant scent, ‘Jetfire’ has been so successful it has been awarded an AGM and is one of the best dwarf daffodils available today.  

In the garden here at RHS Harlow Carr, this bulb has been mass planted to great effect, forming spectacular drifts that can be seen cascading down along the woodland edge and throughout the woodland. Small satellite colonies can be spotted along the Winter Walk beneath winter coloured stems and at the front of beds.

Generally daffodils prefer cool, moisture retentive, deep, fertile loamy soil, in full sun to dappled shade. ‘Jetfire’ is more tolerant of shade and heavy damp soils than other daffodils which is why they are so successful here at Harlow Carr on our heavy clay. ‘Jetfire’ is very versatile, growing well outdoors in containers or window boxes, indoors in the home or greenhouse, in beds, among shrubs in mixed borders, herbaceous borders, rock gardens and under deciduous trees in lawns. At Harlow Carr it can be seen flowering alongside fellow daffodil ‘Jack Snipe’ looking great planted among hellebores, dogwoods, daphne, iris and other spring flowering bulbs such as Muscari, Scilla and Leucojum.

Bulbs can be planted anytime from September to January. When planting the depth of soil above the neck of the bulb should be twice the height of the bulb itself. For an instant group effect the bulbs can be planted 5-7cm (2-3 inches) apart, however bulbs will quickly become crowded after a few years, so a spacing of 10-15cm (4-6 inches) will give more room.

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