Plant of the month: A sensational daffodil

A super-early daffodil brings unseasonal cheer to bleak February days

Narcissus Rijnveld's Early SensationNothing makes you feel like spring has arrived like the sight of a cheerful yellow daffodil. There are so many wonderful cultivars to choose from in varying shades from whites, lemons and golden yellows, flowering from February until May.

The earliest we have flowering in the garden is called Narcissus ‘Rijnveld’s Early Sensation’. This is planted in several locations on the Winter Walk where the early blooms complement and enhance the bare stems and other early spring bulbs.

With it being so early one would expect it to be very dainty and delicate, but it is in fact rather bold and sturdy, looking very much like the daffs you buy as cut flowers for inside the house. Having said that it looks stunning and is a very welcome sight on a crisp and sunny February morning.

It’s worth noting with all spring bulbs that the foliage needs time to die back naturally after flowering to ensure good blooming the following year. This can look unsightly - but try to avoid tying them up in bunches as it is not beneficial to the bulbs.

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